“Thank you for an amazing week of surfing. Never did i think i would ride the waves i have here in Bali. I was living the dream with bali surfing lessons!” - Gene Lewis SC

“Thank you Bali Surfing lessons for your patience and time with grant. I have never seen him so energized after a vacation.”- Jackie Swanson CA

“G-Land is the best wave i have ever surfed!! Don’t go anywhere else when you can come here! Epic!!!!”- George Heatherington San Diego

“I have never seen water soo beautiful in my life. Why did i ever come home. I could live at your surf camp in Bali forever.”- Josh Walters WA

“To think i had never surfed and here i am leaving Bali a surfer.. an indescribable felling! Thank you Bali Surfing Lessons.” Maggie TX

“No work all play in Bali. You guys have it made. What can i do to do what you do? I want to come back so bad!!”- Luke Schecter LA